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German Lederhosen

Are you looking for the perfect tracht costume for the Oktoberfest celebration this year? Check out our collection of authentic men’s lederhosen. Ernst Licht is the number one place to get the finest lederhosen in the U.S.

Our German lederhosen are made with high-quality leather and feature intricate embroidery patterns. You can choose from different styles. We offer a variety of lederhosen made with 100% genuine goat, cow, or laponia leather. Whether you want to stand out or blend in, we’ve got the perfect lederhosen for you. You can pick your preferred color, size, and price range when shopping for lederhosen on our online store. We also sell matching suspenders.


Authentic German Lederhosen Outfits Imported from Germany

At Ernst Licht, we import our lederhosen directly from renowned family-owned manufacturers in Germany, who have mastered the art of making this apparel through several generations. We also sell stylish lederhosen imported from other parts of the world as well as hand-sewn lederhosen made at our factory in Oley, PA.

When you buy your lederhosen from Ernst Licht, you can be guaranteed that you’re getting nothing but the best. Every lederhosen on our store meets a high standard of quality and craftsmanship.

Although the design has virtually remained unchanged, the way lederhosen is used has evolved over the years. Knee-length breeches were the standard attire for the working men in several parts of Europe in the pre-industrial revolution era. In Germany and Austria, these breeches were made out of leather, and that’s how the lederhosen was created.

In the past, lederhosen was primarily worn by peasants. However, in the 18th century, it grew popular and became the unofficial dress code for outdoor activities. Today, lederhosen is a leisurewear. It has become a representation of Bavarian culture. Lederhosen is the de facto dress code for men during the Oktoberfest festival. Wearing lederhosen is not merely a fashion statement. When you wear it, you are partaking in a tradition that goes back many centuries and helping to preserve the Bavarian culture.