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Details of a Dirndl

Women’s dirndls are traditional German dresses. They are graced with ageless elements of tradition. Dirndl dresses know how to combine trendy and classic features & they consist of 3 different aspects that make up the full dress.

Specifications of Dirndls

Dress & Bodice – Women’s dirndls consist of a complete dress with a tight fitted bodice on top and a skirt of varying lengths. There are 3 different lengths; mini, midi, and long. Traditional dirndls are midi, or regular length, which sit right below the knee. A mini dress sits above the knee, & a long dress sits right around the ankles. The bodices and trim of the skirts usually boast beautiful embroidery of various patterns, but most commonly, exquisite Alpine flowers.

Apron – Dirndls usually have a simple apron. The center of the top provides additional contrast with the white apron. The apron material is embroidered. At the end of the edge of the apron is in a simple lace design.

Blouse Blouses worn under a dirndl usually have short sleeves with a square neckline. Dirndl blouses have puffy rounded sleeves. The sleeves are shorter so that it can be worn as a casual dress. Commonly, blouses are white, giving a timeless look, but can be found in cream or even black,

Traditional dirndl dresses for women are a staple of Oktoberfest clothing. Offered in a variety of colors, patterns, embroidery, lengths, etc….with boundless options for beautiful accessories that are sure to make you stand out when attending the Oktoberfest in Munich or any German event!

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