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Product Detail of DIRNDLS

Women’s dirndls are traditional German dresses. It is graced with elements of tradition. This dirndl knows how to combine trendy and classic features. It consists of three things;

Specifications of DIRNDLS

Top of dirndls – Women’s dirndls consists of a complete dress with apron and blouse. The red color top looks stylish. So this authentic Bavarian dirndl color contrast is designed according to the taste of the women. On top of the dirndl, there are full sky blue edges. On the Authentic Bavarian dirndl red top, there is embroidery that appeals to many women. The white and sky blue embroidery lightens the look. If that was not enough, flowers on the top and the boundary of the dirndl give it even more style.

Apron – Dirndls have a simple apron. The center of the top provides additional contrast with the white apron. The apron material is embroidered. At the end of the edge of the apron is in a simple lace design.

Blouse – Short sleeves with square neckline. Dirndl blouse has rounded sleeves. The sleeves are shorter so that it can be worn as a casual dress. The neck is nicely shaped with an adjustable neckline. The Blouse is also in white, giving a timeless look.

The red color top looks stylish with the equally white apron. These two colors together make a striking contrast, which makes for a fascinating look. The whole dirndl is amazing because every part of it has embroidery on it, which gives it an elegant look. This is Dirndl, fashion at the highest level. Women’s dirndl is a traditional dirndl, that’s authentic and timeless in addition to how flattering it is. It is available in four contrast colors, which give an assortment of options. It is made up of 100 percent pure cotton. Men can gift this beautiful to their wives, or you can buy this for yourself, or any friend as a gift. Traditional dirndl outfit online available now!!

  • Top or full skirt
  • Authentic
  • Apron
  • Blouse
  • Cotton Material
  • Short-Sleeve Length
  • For Women
  • Regular Length