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Traditional Bavarian German Hats for Oktoberfest

German hats are a key piece for any type of Oktoberfest clothing by adding traditional and fashionable German looks. Oktoberfest Clothing is the prominent online dress and fashion accessories store with years’ of experience. Here you will find the widest range of traditional German hats including the special collection of Oktoberfest hats and Alpine hats for men and women alike.

Decorated Bavarian Hats

Bavarian hats, also known as “Tyrolean” hats or “Alpine” hats, are the traditional German hats usually made of wool or felt. Our wide collection of Bavarian hats gives you enough options to choose the best look that compliments your Oktoberfest outfit. A red hat with hemp cord is a great option for ladies; it adds glamour to your personality making you stand out from others. We offer hats for men such as the Country Olive hat that is made from 100% wool and features a feather, feather holder with buttons, and roping with a bow tied on back. Men’s Miesbacher hat, made of green velour material and adorned with green corded hat band is the best choice to step in to the lime light at dancing floors. And, there are many traditional German hats like these that will add every bit of Bavarian flare you’re looking for!

Competitively Priced Oktoberfest Hats

If you are looking for a prominent Oktoberfest outfit and accessories store that could support your fashion plan at competitive prices, Oktoberfest Clothing is the ultimate destination. The entire range of traditional Oktoberfest hats is updated regularly to offer just the unique, best and most stylish. Out of these, Alpine Hat Black made of Black wool hat imported from Germany and Ladies Miesbacher Hat made of Green velour material have been the best sellers. Explore our collection of hat pins to adorn your hat even more. Bad Ischl hat pin, Bavarian rautenwappen hat pin, Bayern stag and rifle hat pin and Edelweiss hat pins will all enhance your personality statement of your outfit to make every Oktoberfest event special and exciting!