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OKTOBERFEST CLOTHING – One Stop Shop to Fulfill All Your Needs

Oktoberfest Clothing is conceptualized to provide a range of the perfect German dirndls, lederhosen, fashion accessories and gift products. We have been in the German fashion industry for a very long time, therefore we are always on top of the latest trends that combine modern fashion with tradition to help you look your absolute best this Oktoberfest!

We offer a huge collection of products for women, men, & children. Our fashion experts are highly experienced and well aware of ever-changing & trending fashion styles. Introducing the newest German clothing trends for every occasion or event is our purpose here at Oktoberfest Clothing. We regularly update our collections with accessories like jewelry, aprons, spencers, lederhosen/suspenders, belts, shoes/socks, purses/wallets & so many more!

Oktoberfest Clothing is a complete family fashion store to meet everyone’s diverse needs. We also offer exclusive range of jewelry, gifts, beer steins and hats to support your outfit for any occasion. Purchase a stunning dirndl, elaborately designed lederhosen and gift items for any occasion. We offer the best quality for very competitive pricing!

Ernst Licht has sourced its design concepts from the traditional Bavarian and Alpine regions of Germany, providing a truly authentic tracht feel to meet all of your Oktoberfest outfit and German costume needs. High quality fabrics and impeccable embroidery provide a modern comfort to traditional German clothing.

We also have a full line of children’s bundhosen, lederhosen, children’s dirndls, authentic German gifts, German beer steins, Oktoberfest music and traditional German music CDs, German novelties and accessories to offer!

Ernst Licht has designed fine German Oktoberfest clothing such as Oktoberfest dirndls and Oktoberfest lederhosen, imprinted with the rich heritage of Germany. Our Oktoberfest dirndl dresses have been designed with unique German zest so that the real festive spirit of Oktoberfest is felt with every wear!

We serve some of the best traditional Bavarian dirndl dress and lederhosen outfits and Oktoberfest costumes in the perfect blend of quality and fashion!

Visit us and get ready to celebrate like a true Bavarian!